Friday, February 5, 2010

Let's Drink ---- Shall We?

First off, I'll start by saying, this is not the "owner" of this glorious, hilarious fucking blog --- tis me, Danielle, said owner's longtime/lifetime biffle. I understand there have been a few people who don't quite understand who's writing what. Ok, so make sure to write this down - its a tough one guys. Delaina is the "owner" she's writes the witty and awesomely hilarious recipes and talks about her hubs and her sons. I am the "thief blogger" (Danielle) who she lets come in a crash with a recipe or 2 on here every now and then. I wrote the about creamy pasta spinach wine shit and the critically acclaimed panty dropping tree bark.

Ok, let's move on.

So - for those of you who don't know... Delaina is a lucky ducky bizzzatch who lives in sunny Fl and I live up Norf in the DC area. And while I type this we are waiting for our 2nd blizzard of the season up here (FML) and all I can think about is drinking. Hence the blog and the title.

So one of my favorite drinks, probably one that I drink the most, is a lil concoction from Argentina called a "Calimocho" -- now white people, don't get all scared on me --- hear me out. It kinda tastes like Sangria. Its really good, I promise! You trust me strangers, don't you?

Now I even went out to wikipedia to find the definition of this awesome drink to give you fuckers a little background before you call me gross for drinking this or assume I made it up.

Calimocho (from the Basque Kalimotxo) is a drink consisting of approximately 50% red wine and 50% cola-based soft drink. Alternative names include Rioja libre (from "Rioja", and "Cuba Libre"), kali, motxo.

Shit you're gonna need:
red wine *
coke or diet-coke

Shit you're gonna do:
Fill up a tall ass glass with some ice, pour half the glass with red wine and the other half with coke or diet-coke. The End.

* Please don't ask me what kind of red wine to use, I don't give a shit. I actually hate red wine except drinking it like this. I think it all tastes like vinegar. So if you like one kind more than the other, use that kind.

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  1. That sounds disgusting. I'll have to try it.