Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Buffy's Bad Ass Brie

Oh I love her so. Funny story about me and Buf...the last time we hung out, we went and saw New Moon and she discovered that not only can I eat my way through some effing popcorn, but I can talk my way out of a $165 ticket. "Oh sure, go ahead and turn left, don't worry about that sign that says you can't, I do it all the time!" said Buffy. (Insert police lights here). I was all "oh shit...the hubs is gonna take away my Visa!" I plumped up my bra, checked my lip gloss, but DAMN, it was a GIRL cop! No worries, I can swing it both ways...I got this. So yes, I talked myself out of a ticket by just running my mouth and acting like a fucking idiot. That's some mother fucking talent right there.

So, here's a brie and apple recipe that she stole from Dexter's. And if you live where I do, you know Dexter's is the shit. If you're gonna knock off a recipe, these are the bastards to do it from. Please take note that my dumbass comments will be in italics. And if you're an idiot, I'll let you know that italics are when the letters are slanted. Take it away Buffy...

Baked Brie (total Dexter’s knock-off) -- What the hell, right?

Stuff you’ll need (Shit you’re gonna need):

Some kind of bread (I used a skinny baguette from publix, use whatever you want)

A round of brie (fucking love brie – that and my new favorite Monchego. Thanks to my dear lovie, Barb)

Cooking spray (I use the Olive Oil kind)

Apples (I have to buy these by the bag full. Kids go through ‘em like they’ll never grow again. If you're ever out of apples, come to my house)

Grapes (okay, is anyone else out there paying effing $3.00 a pound for these little boogers that make you shit a lot? Cuz, I am.)

Strawberries (I could eat these every day of my life – but they’d have to be dipped in chocolate)

Almond slices

Powdered sugar (I think powdered sugar was only created for funnel cakes, can I get an amen?)

What to do: (Shit you're gonna do:)

Slice the bread in half long ways. I also cut it in half as well so I could make 4 pieces (and yes, the hubbee and I both finished BOTH of our pieces, delish!) Place bread on cookie sheet and spray with a little cooking spray. Bake at 350 for just a couple of minutes to get it crispy. See below….

Next you slice the apple & brie REAL THIN and lay on top of bread, apples first, then the brie. Back in the oven it goes until the cheese melts.

After the cheese melts, I broil it for a minute or two because I like when cheese gets all bubbly and a bit crispy on the top (be sure to pick-up any cheese that melted on the cookie sheet and shovel it in your mouth, ya know, just to taste and make sure everything is going as planned)

Then, top with sliced strawberries, grapes and almonds.
And last, sprinkle with powdered sugar all over. I know it doesn’t seem like this would do much, but it is actually what ties the whole thing together to make it Heaven in your mouth (insert whatever bad thought you may have here) (heehee, oh I did Buff, oh...I...did)

ENJOY!! (make sure you have a delicious wine to drink while you eat, if not, #1 you are a sissy and #2 it’s just not as good)

AMEN!!!! Thanks Buffy!

btw, Buffy is a rockstar photographer. She just had an art gallery opening here to launch her business...bad ass!!

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