Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I have ADD

No, seriously. I do. So, I'm already thinking of St. Patrick's day and what I'm gonna make. I'm Irish, the hubs is Irish and I feel it necessary to celebrate a holiday that I absolutely know nothing about so I can drink and cook. And the reason I'm telling you this shit is because I'm gonna need you to save a box of Girl Scout thin mints. Your ass will thank me. "Say whaaaaaat?". I know how hard this is people. But I'm not asking you to show your tits to the guy cutting your lawn here or anything. I'm going to be making Creamy Irish Pie and I ain't using no boring ass crust. We're making that shit with thin mints baby! Can I get a "hell yeah?" So, buy an extra box, put that shit in the freezer and walk away.

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