Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Seriously the Easiest Baked Beans Ever

This recipe was an accident. Not like Britney having another baby kind of accident, but an "oh shit, we're going to a friends house for dinner and I ain't got diddly squat to bring".

Shit you'll need:
1 large ass can of baked beans (I use Bush's Country Style) (I still laugh at the name "bush" because I'm THAT immature)
1 large ass can of french fried onions (does anyone else eat these straight from the can?)

Shit you're gonna do:
Preheat oven to 350. Spray an 8x8 or 9x9 pan with non stick spray. Don't skip the spray because then you're gonna be pissed when you have that ring of crust that gets stuck on the inside of the pan and then you have to soak it for an hour and then you're even more pissed because you got all the dishes done after dinner and then you notice that damn pan still soaking that still needs to soak for about 20 more minutes. Sucks.

Okay, after spraying the pan, open the beans and take out that little nasty ass ham hock bacon thingy that's in there and throw it out. Pour half the can in and spread it out. Then sprinkle half the can of onions on top (don't forget to take a little bite for yourself) and then pour the rest of the beans on top. It's okay if some of the beans on the bottom come through to the top. You'll live. I promise. Bake for about 30 minutes, pull it out (insert dirty mind here) and then sprinkle the rest of the onions on top and bake for about another 8-10 minutes. You're done. It's that easy. See? I told you so. Actually, I just like saying "I told you so." Makes me feel powerful.


If foul language bothers you. Don't bother reading. If not, then let's carry on, shall we? I like to cook, well, LOVE to cook. I like to throw shit together and see if my family will eat it. If they like it, I make it for my friends and family. And if they like it, they usually ask for the recipe. Now, I'm not putting myself on a pedestal or anything, but this effing blog will take place of me sending 147 emails with the same recipe in it, so, read on, cook something if you want, or just have a glass of wine with me, because I'm most likely having one too. Cheers.