Wednesday, January 6, 2010

You soooo need one of these

I'm gonna go ahead and pretend I'm on one of those infomercials that keep my insomnia at a peak high.

Do you have one of these? Is it as nasty as mine looks right now? No? Go get one.
More to come with this beauty, but here's an example of the stuff that comes out of this bad boy!
Pancakes (easier for kids to dip in syrup)
Scrambled eggs (easier for kids to eat - way less messy than scrambled eggs)
Cake mix
Corn muffins

The list goes on...but let's start with brownie mix.

Get yourself a cheap ass box of brownie mix. Mix it according to the directions. Preheat your sandwich maker. Now...why in the hell would we let a plain 'ol brownie be baked alone? I won't do it. I won't hear of it. So, now go looking for anything to put in those brownies! Grab the mini-resse cups, m&m's and hershey bars that you have stashed under your granny panties in your dresser and get ready to drool. We 'bout to tear up some brownie mix! You gotta use non-stick spray on this mofo every time you get ready to put more batter in, so spray it down and pour in your mix. Put a few of those candies in the middle of that chocolatey goodness and close the top. Your machine might be different than mine, but this takes about 8 minutes for me. Now, think about this. You've got fresh hot brownies without heating up your oven and your kitchen and I promise you, your kids will dig these. Just make sure you put them on top of ice cream with whipped cream!!!! And that's're done. Now go make yourself an amaretto sour. Cheers!


  1. I gotta get me one of those machines!

  2. I can't wait for you to make us this breakfast. No Paula Dean for me.

  3. I had one of these years ago and got rid of it! Ugh, now I have to go looking for another. Damn!