Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Tiny ass pan. It's the only thing "tiny" that I have.

I suck a big fat piece of ass when it comes to frying eggs.  I know what you're saying, "How can you write a cookbook but not know how to fry an egg?"  Well...shut up.  I'm not good at everything (just don't tell my kids.)  But while the Hubster and I were visiting Danielle (D2) in Virginia a few weeks back, she pulled out this fancy pan that cooks eggs perfectly.  While I've seen said pan in the store, I always thought, "That is such bullshit.  Why the hell would you buy that to fry just one egg."  After Danielle bitch slapped me, she showed me how it worked and I couldn't have been more thankful than when we went behind my mother's back and she showed me how to shave my legs at 12 years old.  And yes, that was living on the edge back in the 80's.  Fucking rebels.

So, I used the pan for the first time this morning.  (Sidebar: Hubster has no idea I have purchased said pan until he reads this post.  Again, I'm a fucking rebel I tell ya.)

It was extremely easy to use - easy to flip the the egg (as long as you use Kitchen KY with it) - and most definitely easy to slide that bitch right on top of a semi-completed breakfast sandwich.  So, while I'm not an advocate for buying shit that you won't use more than once a year or that you can only use for one thing, I highly recommend this tiny ass $5 pan.

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