Sunday, August 25, 2013

Cayman Jack Margarita - A review of sorts

The hubster and I were visiting our local Total Wine and Spirits, yesterday to price the vodka that we usually buy from Publix.  We buy bottom shelf, plastic bottled, Burnett's vodka.  We're not cheap, we're "frugal."  But, of course the first counter we visited was the wine tasting.  See?  Frugal.  Believe you me that I found an incredible cabernet that exploded with flavor the second it hit my first three taste buds.  We didn't buy it.  Why?  It was $18 a bottle.  Hence the "cheap" comment mentioned above.  

So, along with the wine tasting, they had a display set up with free samples of Cayman Jack Margaritas.  And when I say display "set up", I mean the rack that was on the hot girl pouring this shit into little plastic shot glasses loaded with the Cayman Jack logo.  Bravo, marketing department.  Brav...o.  And I fell for it.  Not because of her rack, but because of the free keychain.  I'm a marketing director's DREAM!  And the hubster?   I'm not sure he realized there was a free keychain involved.  

We threw back our shot glass sample and smiled.  It was good.  It was definitely worth trying six bottles of this for $7.99.  I imagined sitting by our pool with Pearl Jam on Pandora and getting a really good sunburn.

Today, I was waisting time on Pinterest, procrastinating some work I needed to do, so I popped open one of these bad boys.  And then another.  Again, they were good.  AND they have a twist off cap.  It's such a kick in the vagina when you get somewhere and you realize your top isn't a twist off and you've got to get all MacGuyver on this bitch to get it open.  Feel me?  Errrgh.

My review/opinion is this...

It definitely has a margarita flavor.  Not overwhelming but not weak either.  It's got carbonation to it, but not as much as a beer.  It's smooth and goes down easy since it's a malt liquor, the bottle is adorable (geared toward women, I think) and the bonus is that it's gluten free.

I had two and got a slight buzz - it's only 5.9% alcohol.  I was inside the house drinking these but I really think they're meant to drink pool side or even on the beach or when replicating the volleyball scene in Top Gun.

I give it a 7 out of 10.  It tastes like a margarita flavored Zima.

Thoughts?  Comment below...


  1. Love the right on reviewer! Too funny, Oh yeah Cayman Jack Margarita ...Yes love the bottle too.... all around very yummy!

  2. Just tried my first one and will be having another and . . . .

  3. I just bought them for my wife and she says they are quite good....they are on manager's special for $13 so I'm going to hustle up there and buy the remaining 2~12 packs if they're there.

  4. Dead on review, Margarita flavored Zima. I don't miss Zima, but I love this stuff. Try them over ice with a half shot (or more) Grand Marnier topper!