Saturday, December 21, 2013

Lazy Holiday Baking

So, it's the holidays.  You've got all these things pinned on Pinterest with hopes of your kitchen pumping out goodies that'll make the sugar plum fairies jealous.  BUT.  It's now December 21st.  The clock is flying by you like a hooker who just saw a cop.  You don't have time to compete with Martha.  You don't have time to impress your mother in law.  And you most definitely don't have time to make baked gifts for your neighbors.  You swear every year that you'll start on December 1st and you end up lying to yourself every. damn. year.   So, let's just pour a glass of wine and be honest with ourselves.  Keep it simple, ya'll.  Here's a list of what I'll be baking.  And yes, my kids will help.


Molasses cookies; my husband's favorite.  I can't share the recipe - it's an ancient Chinese secret, but I'm preeeeeeeetty sure you can google one pretty close to what I have.


Chocolate dipped pretzel sticks (a big hit every year.)  The link shows how she wraps them for gifts; I don't do that.  I just keep them in a big tupperware container.


Chocolate Pretzel Candy Buttons

This is super easy, ya'll.  If you're not able to make these, then you're the reason that there are directions on shampoo.

1. I don't use the square pretzels; I use the small twisty ones.  Only because they're a full $1.50 cheaper.
2. Hershey hugs
3. Holiday m&m's (Would you believe that I've been to two damn stores and the only flavor they have is mint?  Ugh.)
4. Bake the hershey hug on the pretzel at 200 degrees for about 4-5 minutes.  You'll see some recipes that are 350 for 2-3min but I found that it melts too fast.  Once you pull them out (heehee) slowly press the m&m into the chocolate.  Please be advised that the chocolate will be hot.  Make sure you don't burn the tips of your fingers.  (I can't believe that I actually had to put that disclaimer in there.)
5. I let them cool and then keep them in a tupperware container on the counter so that I can shovel these into my pie hole whenever I want.


Easy Salted Caramel Fudge

This is seriously easy.  But since it's fudge, people will think you spent hours slaving over a copper bottom pot with a Williams Sonoma candy thermometer and used parchment paper shipped in from Germany.  You can tell them that if you want.  No judgment here.

And that's it, ya'll.  Please let me know if you try any of these or if you've decided to revaluate your holiday baking plans...

--D1 (aka, Delaina)

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