Friday, March 7, 2014

Happy ONE-year anniversary to my ninja and her hubby

One year ago today, my dear D1 (aka Delaina, aka my ninja) married the man of her dreams. It's crazy how quickly time can go by! And so, to celebrate, I'm reposting the little diddy I wrote for my darling BFF of 26 years last year on her wedding day. 

Here's to a 100 more anniversaries, my love. Love you both to the moon and back. 

All my love, 
D2 (aka Danielle, aka her ninja)


Marriage Material. 

Marry someone funny.

Marry someone who thinks you’re funny, even when you’re not. Someone whose head throws backwards when you are really on a roll. 

Marry someone that likes the same shit you do, but also hates the same shit you do. The kind of guy that will catch your eye and telepathically tell you that you’ll be talking about that later, and laughing until someone pees. Which will likely be you, since you’ve had babies and tears run down your leg on a daily basis. 

Marry someone who loves your chortle.

Marry someone who has seen you ugly cry... like the kind that has snot running down your face, and kisses those tears away. Marry someone who lies and tells you that everything will be okay, even if he’s not sure – but dammit will he do everything he can to make it true. 

Marry someone who is like you, but is also just different enough that you learn from each other.

Marry someone who will sit through boring shit with you. Who will jump at the opportunity to run to Target with you for socks because it means more time with you. But, also understands when you need a morning at Starbucks with your iPod all by yourself.

Marry someone who will pour your drinks for you, and the drinks of your visitors. But also the guy that gets drunk at 11am on Bloody Mary’s with your friends and says, “Woman, get me another!”. 

Marry a guy who’s a good friend to you, but won’t replace your girlfriends. You’re not always going to agree on what’s on your DVR – that’s what PJ days with your other friends are for. Make sure he’s a damn good friend. The kind that will get excited when your nails have grown out long enough for a French manicure, that it's double coupon day at the grocery store, or that you saw Meryl Streep crossing the street in NYC during your business trip and why that is a BIG deal. 

Marry a person who you’d marry anywhere, at any time. Marry the man that could give you the biggest diamond your heart could want, but got down on one knee with a twisty tie in the woods because the time was just right. 

Marry someone brave. But not asshole type of bravery. Don’t marry a guy who wants to kick the ass of the man who stares at you for too long.

Marry someone you can take anywhere, around anyone. Marry someone who appreciates the art of an amazing high five among strangers.

Marry someone who gets you your favorite cake for your birthday.

Marry someone who supports you; and I don’t mean with his wallet, 401K, annual bonus, or stock options. I mean, the one that beams with pride at each of your accomplishments – even if it’s just getting all the kids ready in the morning without killing them. Marry someone, who, when he talks about you; can’t help but to beam with pride that you’re his wife. 

Marry the man that your parents like and that has parents that you like. If this is not possible, an ability to tolerate is also okay. 

Marry someone who won’t get mad when the Thanksgiving turkey won’t cook right after 8 hours and that will be okay with leaving all the dishes until the next day because neither of you can face them.

Marry someone patient.

Marry the man that loves you a lot, and lets you be you. Incredibly, wonderfully, ridiculously, out-of-her-mind you.